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Jesus and Paul: a Look at their Preaching Back to Top ↑

"It is frankly more than a bit disappointing to see how Paul hardly ever allows the true Jesus of Nazareth to get a word in Indeed, the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount is in all truth completely opposed to the manipulative ramblings of his self-professed apostle." - Carl Jung and Martin Buber

"Paul himself stands in the twilight of heresy. In reading his letters, one immediately encounters a major difficulty - namely, that whatever Jesus had preached never entered the content of his missionary proclamations. In truth, the deeds and sayings of Jesus' ministry play little role whatsoever in Paul's understanding of Salvation." - Helmut Koester

It can come as no surprise that two men with such dramatically different upbringings would develop such dramatically different personalities, and it can come as even less of a surprise that such dramatically different personalities would reflect themselves in such dramatically different styles of preaching... Consider the following examples.

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