Jesus's Words

Jesus's Words

Here at Jesus's Words, we take a dispassionate but in-depth look at the words of Jesus Christ to determine our what we should or shouldn't believe. By leaving our emotions at the door and looking deep at the things Jesus said, we've come to many conclusions that are contrary to the churchmen, but that we can back up with plenty of scripture.

The Logical Argument

This is why we made this website. We have yet to find a contradiction in Jesus's words, and we have a solid logical foundation with which to believe in God, so how could we have this piercing truth that deadened us to the world and not share it?

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Parables made up one third of Jesus's teachings, yet many do not know how to interpret them. This section explores Jesus's parables and helps the reader to interpret them in light of Jesus's words.


People throughout time have written various resources to help us understand Jesus.