How to Support Us

Like every project out there, we apparently require money to continue running. However, we have enough funds to continue running for several months with no issue. The only way to support us at this time is by buying our digital books through Amazon.


While we will provide another way for you to support us in the future, we just ask that you enjoy our works, contact us if you see any issues or errors, and pray for us.

Expenses for Public Domain Books

Our biggest expense, by far, is the $200 we pay to ensure that every book we digitize is in the public domain. This $200 goes towards paying the US Copyright Office to ensure that any book initially published in the United States is actually in the public domain. If we were to publish a book that a book that was not in the public domain, we would be liable for legal trouble heavy enough to prematurely end this website.

As of this year, 2021, every book published in the United States before January 1, 1926, is in the public domain. These books do not need to have the $200 copyright check done. However, any book published from 1926 to 1977 needs to have this $200 copyright check done. We do this through the government, and you can verify how much it costs here.

We can check books published after 1977 online through the web portal provided by the US Copyright Office. However, there are very few books in our area of interest that have been published recently in the public domain. It's not a fault of more modern authors, it is simply that these books have not had as much time to propagate through the Christian atmosphere to reach notable status, unlike the works of Kierkegaard or Bentham.

If we happen to receive enough donations, we will look into paying someone to create book covers and special .pdf and .epub formats for our digitized books. This will increase the appeal of them and allow them to spread further, while also making current readers experience a more smooth reading experience.

Expenses for the Website Back to Top ↑

This website is handmade, so the only expense it occurs is for hosting. Currently, we do not have a lot of visitors, so we can host our website for $6 a month. Until we require more hosting power, this is the only website expense we have. If we ever require additional security,e.g. DDoS protection that will incur an additional fee. This feature has not been needed so far.

There are a few other services we would like to employ, specifically the usage of AI editors or extra money to pay someone to resolve some bugs in our website, however these are considered low-value, and thus we will not spend money on these services until we have some spare money.

Expenses for our Videos Back to Top ↑

Despite being hosted on the free video website YouTube, we have some expenses for our videos. Specifically, we incur a $15 a month cost in order to use a service that allows us to make our videos look good. While we could use a different or free service, this would result in adding multiple hours of work for the visual aids for each video we produce, whereas with the service it only takes three man-hours of work to produce.

Much like our website, we do our utmost to keep the videos simple and cheap to produce. We do not expect any other expenses relating to our videos, including the expenses regarding the production of thumbnails or the providing of closed captioning.

Revenue from Public Domain Books Back to Top ↑

Despite requiring money to publish these books, we do not aim to make money from them. We publish every book for free on this website in three formats: A .pdf file, an .epub file, and of course, an .html format which can be read directly on this website. Since we run no ads we host these files at a financial loss.

However, we also publish the public domain books on Amazon for the benefit of our Kindle readers. We are not seeking a profit for these publications, however the lowest price we can set them at is 99 cents, so we do that. For every Amazon ebook we sell, we make 35 cents. We also publish print-on-demand paperback versions of the books too, however the price on these vary due to length and style of the books. Amazon does not want to lose money providing a platform for our books, after all.

Revenue from Amazon Affiliate Links Back to Top ↑

Since we sell our ebooks on Amazon for the lowest price we can, we also make every link to Amazon an Affiliate link. This comes at no cost to the purchaser, but gains us a few more cents on any purchases made after a user clicks the link. It is not much, but every bit helps.

Revenue from the Website Back to Top ↑

We do not run ads, and we never will. This website is very purposefully built to be accessible to any browser, with or without Javascript or images, whether it is viewed on a phone or computer. Ads derail the purpose of this website as well as drastically slow it down and invade the privacy of our users.

Thus, this website generates no revenue.

Revenue from our Videos Back to Top ↑

We we receive practically no revenue from videos.Less than 2 cents a video as of November 2021.