Jesus's Words

Our Resources

These are resources I have made for the benefit of others. Some of these resources are quick and fun cute things, while others are about important fundamental religious ideas. Each resource is fully available for free online, or can be downloaded as a PDF or .epub file. You may also download a version for your e-reader or buy a physical copy of these resources for a nominal cost at Amazon.

Modern Resources

Usually, these are websites other people created, but we have archived them since websites on the internet come and go, and these seem at risk of going. They may take these websites down at any point.

Archived Resources

Unlike modern authors, there is no serious concern that these sources work will disappear one day. Rather, the difficulty sometimes comes with gaining access to these works in English, which is the focus of this group of archivals.

Software Resources

These resources can help to study the Bible. Calibre, in particular, will let people read .epub files, which we find to be the best digital format for reading.