Jesus's Words



The Logical Argument

The only logical argument for God in a world filled with suffering and no apparent deity. Anyone who says that there is no logical argument for a god simply have not thought about the matter very deeply.

Tenet Series

These are all direct statements or logical consequences that occur if you believe that the words that Jesus spoke are true. To deny one of these would be to deny Jesus.

Comfort Series

God sends his sun and rain on the just and the unjust,(Matthew 5:45.) and sometimes, a little comfort can go a long way. This series exists to address some of the pastoral needs that people need when they're in a crisis, whether their child has just passed away, or they suffer from a debilitating illness.

Character Series

It's been 2,000 years since Jesus came, and since even before then, people have speculated on the nature of God and Jesus. We look at various natures of God and Jesus that we can determine to be true from the utterances of Jesus Christ.

Interesting Theories Series

Christianity has a very broad spectrum of beliefs, but most of them are not formed from the voice of Jesus. And so we examine several of these beliefs determining if they are compatible with the utterances from Jesus.

Miscellaneous Series

A variety of articles on a variety of things. Not every article is long or particularly controversial, but that doesn't mean that the subjects contained within are unimportant.

Aggregate Series

These articles are lists regarding popular topics on this website. For instance, there is a list all the statements regarding the Holy Spirit in the gospels, as well as how we obtained those statements, as well as a general list of quotes regarding the self-proclaimed apostle Paul throughout the last 2,000 years.