The Logical Argument

An argument for the existence of God in light of our world and it's suffering. Anyone who says that there is no logical argument for a god simply have not thought about the matter very deeply.

Tenet Series

If you believe that the words that Jesus spoke are true, then these are also the things that you must believe in as they are either direct statements from Jesus's mouth, or they are logical consequences from the words of Jesus. To deny one of these would be to deny Jesus.

Comfort Series

This life is tough, and God sends his sun and rain on the just and the unjust.(Matthew 5:45.) Various unexpected things happen, and oftentimes we seek guidance. This series exists to address some of the pastoral needs that people need when they're in a crisis, whether their child has just passed away, or they suffer from a debilitating illness.

Character Series

Here, we examine various aspects of the character of Jesus and God, as explained by Jesus and the other prophets.

Interesting Theories Series

Here, we examine serveral beliefs within Christianity as a whole, whether the beliefs are held by few or many. We state the belief as well as the biblical reasons that people believe in these beliefs, and then, generally, we show why those beliefs are wrong or simply unimportant.

Aggregate Series

These articles are just a collection of information provided in a list format for ease of use.