Jesus's Words

About Edgar Jones

Brother George Edgar Jones led an active life. After World War II came the Korean War, but Brother Ed decided to not to go to war as a Chaplain. Instead, he remained behind in America, citing religious issues with killing other people.

There, Brother Ed finished his theology degree, and took to becoming a pastor of a church. Before long, he pastored a church, but the issues in reconciling the words of Jesus with the Words of Paul started there. Eventually, his congregation asked him to leave the church for another reason. Brother Ed felt that both blacks and whites should be ministered to without discrimination, a position his congregation did not agree with. (Remember, this was in 1955, before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!)

This was really a blessing in disguise for Brother Ed, who was able to spend the next few years working out the issues regarding following Jesus's Words, or following Paul's words. From this breakdown, Brother Ed was able to rebound and become an astute follower of Jesus.


Brother Ed wrote two notable books. The first, Jesus: the Rock of Offense was published in 1995, and focused on explaining the Utterances of Jesus of Nazareth and defining His gospel and doctrine based on those words alone.

Brother Ed's other major work, though he has many more, is his second book titled Paul: the Stranger. In this book, Brother Ed attempts to show all the reasons Paul is a fraudulent apostle, and why we should discredit his work. For many Christians, this is a hard pill to swallow, so Brother Ed has put forth his best evidence and wrote a convincing argument.

Regarding Archival

Since Brother Ed's personal website, The Voice of Jesus, is still online, we have decided not to publish our archive of the website. If his website goes offline, we will publish his material on this website.